The basic senses like reading, tastes, smell, touch, and perception help us go through the world all around us in myriad ways. Yet we seldom spot the essential role our senses play until they commence to fail us, whether due to age, or our very own neglect or harmful behavior. A diet plan heavy in processed food items and sweets can desensitize our taste-buds, artificial fragrances can control our sense of smell, too much display screen time can pressure our eye, and noisy concerts can leave our ringing ears.

You don’t need to go in to the crazy, however, to sharpen your perceptive forces. Simple Pilates or Yoga exercises which you can practice in your back garden or even at the dining room table will enliven your senses, deepen your consciousness, and turn everyday situations into engaging experience truly.

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Yoga, Food & Me

Originally posted on The Yoga Daily:
Food has always been a major part of my life but never more so than since I’ve been regularly practising Yoga.  Although food & diet might not immediately spring to mind when thinking of yoga, it has had been a key part in my own yoga tale. Most yoga…

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