Yoga, Food & Me

The Yoga Daily

Food has always been a major part of my life but never more so than since I’ve been regularly practising Yoga.  Although food & diet might not immediately spring to mind when thinking of yoga, it has had been a key part in my own yoga tale.

Most yoga texts and teachers will make at least some reference to the importance of diet in practice but there tends not to be a hard or fast rule or “Yogi diet”.  While vegetarian or veganism is often adopted by more serious practitioners, it’s not always clear why this should be a part of our practice (other than Ahimsa, see below).

One thing is for sure though – my yoga, and more specifically Ashtanga, practice has been the single biggest contributor to the food & drink related lifestyle changes that I’ve made over recent years.

So as a tee-total, meat & dairy free…

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All About Protein

Good Habits

I cannot tell you why, but people these days are incredibly obsessed with protein. You can find “added protein” in just about every granola bar, shake, smoothie, cookie, and salad on any menu and in any package. Is it because we want to become stronger and more fit? Is more protein the only way to gain muscle? These may be partly true, but do we need to eat protein for every meal in order to obtain that? Isn’t meat the most efficient way to obtain protein? And isn’t meat the only food with complete protein (whatever that means)? I’m here to debunk some of your myths and arguments with a quick run-down on plant proteins!IMG_9895.jpg

Why Plant-Based Protein?

OK, so if you’re not a veggie like me, why the heck should you care about plant proteins? Well, it turns out that just like fruits and vegetables, we need a variety…

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Benefits of Basic YOGA

Words & Rhythm


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By: Lovely del Mundo

It’s hard to find serenity nowadays especially on this fast paced world. You need to move fast to finish your task right away. You are so pre-occupied with everything. It can be stressful at times yet it’s all inevitable we need to survive the game of life. This is why I decided to practice YOGA everyday.

Yoga has five principal meanings: (source: wikipedia)

  • Yoga, as a disciplined method for attaining a goal;
  • Yoga, as techniques of controlling the body and the mind;
  • Yoga, as a name of one of the schools or systems of philosophy (darśana);
  • Yoga, in connection with other words, such as “hatha-, mantra-, and laya-,” referring to traditions specialising in particular techniques of yoga;
  • Yoga, as the goal of Yoga practice.”

Since I started to be a PRE-SCHOOL teacher, I realized that I…

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The Practice

Brightly Sika

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Growing up, I’ve always felt like I had to change for the people in my life – myself included – to become more this or more that in order to fit in and just feel like I belonged somewhere. From family to friends, I rarely felt good enough as is.

I’m not sure if this is something that everyone experiences while growing up or if I subconsciously sought it out and manifested it into my life, but I was stuck in a loop of always trying to please everyone else. In the process of rearranging yourself to other people’s needs, it’s easy to lose sight of yourself.

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